Facultatea de Administrarea Afacerilor cu predare in limbi straine - Engleza

The bachelor program offered by the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages is thought in such a way that it satisfies both the academic requirements and the needs of the labor market. Structured on a period of 3 years (6 semesters), this program implies the attainment of the 180 ECTS in order to be finalized.

As all the programs offered by the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, the bachelor program of FABIZ is accredited by ARACIS and in this way, it is recognised in all the countries of European Union.

According to the market research initiated by ABDSL, and based on the feedback received from FABIZ partners, students from the German section are the most searched for on the labor market from Bucharest.

In this way, from the first year of study our students receive offers of part-time jobs from multinationals that operate in Bucharest, and at their graduation, most of them are included in programs of management trainee.

Due to the linguistic competencies doubled by the academic competencies, the wage of German section’s graduates on an entry position is with 50% higher than in the case of other graduates from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.

At the moment, on the labor market from Bucharest, the necessity of German speaking economists is covered almost 30%.


Through the companies hiring graduates of FABIZ German section we can mention the following: Kaufland, Lidl, Accenture, HP, Porsche, Oracle, etc.


Semestrul I

Materie Profesor Contact
Marketing international Prof.univ.dr. Pop Nicolae
Cultura si performanta in afaceri Prof.univ.dr. Olaru Marieta
Mediul european de afaceri Conf.univ.dr. Dan Mihaela
Managementul resurselor umane Conf.univ.dr. Goia Simona
Asigurari si reasigurari Prof.univ.dr. Păiuşan Robert
Strategii de afaceri Prof.univ.dr. Tanţău Adrian
Econometrie Conf.univ.dr. Strat Vasile
Management operational Dr. Darie Vlad

Semestrul II

Materie Profesor Contact
Analiza economico-financiara Prof.univ.dr. Tuțu Anca
Procese decizionale in afaceri Prof.univ.dr. Agapie Alexandru
Managementul intercultural Lect.univ.dr. Stamule Tanase
Tehnici si operatiuni bancare pentru afaceri Asist.univ.dr. Nichifor Maria
Negocieri de afaceri Dr. Coras Mircea
Antreprenoriat social Conf.univ.dr. Goia Simona

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