Student Life


Being a FABIZ student means more than studying economics in an international language. Firstly, you study in the capital of Romania, which means that you have a broad access to cultural and artistic opportunities. Theater, opera, concerts, or football matches are events that will always determine students to have an active life. Moreover, as a student you have access to many students’ organizations where you can make new firends and you can discover passions that you never knew about. The Faculty of Business Administration is the organizer of many scientific and cultural events such as the following: the Scientific Session, the Forum for Sustainable Development and Entrepreneurship, the prom or the Graduation Ball. All these events contribute to your personal development and help you to better integrate on the labor market.

At the level of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies there are a series of student organizations very active in the academic life, such as the following: AIESECVIPASER, Marketer ClubUSASE etc. These are only a few of the organizations that future students of our faculty cand join.

Moreover, our university offers the opportunity to learn a wide range of foreign languages teached by the Foreign Languages Department, languages that are demanded nowadays by the labor market. In other words, besides german, english and french, you can study also spanish, italian, turkish, chinese, russian, japanese, etc.


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