If you want to differentiate even more on the labor market, you have to add a master program in your CV. It is ideal to fill the information acquired over the three years of bachelor program with the information provided through the master programs of our faculty. And don’t forget that you will continue to study two more years in an international language.

If you still did not reach a satisfying level for any employer who is interested in it, master programs offered by our faculty are the perfect opportunity to accomplish this thing. Our master programs are a natural continuation of the bachelor program according to Bologna process. FABIZ offers master specializations in Bucsiness Administration in english, german and french. These programs are thought in such a way that they complete the knowledge acquired during bachelor programs, and they transfer to students useful knowledge for a better insertion on the labor market.

The master programs of Entrepreneurship and Business Administration of FABIZ are accredited by ARACIS, meaning that they are recognised in the entire European Union. These master programs are structured on a period of two years, and they imply the acquisition of 120 ECTS in order to be finalized.

At the end of two years of master, students should own knowledge of strategic management, strategic marketing, communication and media, entrepreneurship, e-business, etc.

Graduates of FABIZ master programs are completely inserted on the labor market. In general, after finalizing the master program, our graduates decide over their future career, and they are invited by companies in programs of management trainee. One characteristic of the master program is the fact that it is perceived as a natural evolution of employees. Regarding the master courses, these take place in the evening, which allows students to have a job in the same time. In this way, after two years of practical experience combined with the acquisition of solid theoretical knowledge, our graduates become one of the most wanted specialists on the labor market.

For those candidates who wish to attend a complementary master program, we provide the master program BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION in English. This program is addressed to graduates of bachelor degree, regardless of their specialization, with a medium level of English proficiency.

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