The Bucharest University of Economic Studies benefits of one of the most complex campuses from Romania. This affirmation is sustained by the complexity of facilities offered and by their adaptation to the present needs and technology. In this way, you can benefit of impressive libraries, sports fields or free internet in most of the buildings.



The library of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies holds an impressive collection of books and scientific reviews, summing over 750.000 volumes and it has approximately 500 available places in the reading rooms. Moreover, the library offers access to some of the most important international databases used in research, such as: Thompson ReutersEuromonitor,The Economist IntelligenceScrience Intelligence, etc.

Simultaneously, the library subscribed to some of the most important publications in the world such as: Harvard Business Review or The Economist and to publications of the Cambridge University Press. Another important facility offered by the library is the service for online references, which makes it easier for students to find references on a certain topic or bibliography references from the internal sources of the library in order for them to be able to create papers with scientific title. The library holds also a Bloomberg terminal that be used for free by the students of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in order to inform themselves over the situation of capital markets.

The access in the library is possible with the student identity card, between 8:30 and 20:30 o’clock, from Monday to Friday.



FABIZ students benefit of one hour /week of sport, time in which they can go to the fitness room and receive advice from our sports teachers. They have also the possibility to go in the gym in order to practice team sports such as basketball, handball or fotball.



For football fans, FABIZ selects each year the team that will represent the faculty in the Economist League. This league reunites the teams of all faculties from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies.



The FABIZ building is one of the most modern buildings of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. It was renovated in 2010, and it has the highest standards regarding the safety of construction. This building has complete endowments in each classroom: WIFI, air conditioning, integrated system of projecting, etc.

It is planned the arrangement of 3 areas of study and socialization for students, in this building: AmericanFrench și German corner.


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