The UNESCO Department (Chair) for Business Administration was created in 1995 as a result of a convention between the UNESCO and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE) entitled “Formation et Recherches Appliquées au Développement de l’Entreprise des Pays en Conversion Economique”. Since its establishment, the Department has dedicated its efforts and resources towards achieving the main UNESCO objectives through its educational programmes offered only in foreign languages, research projects, scientific events and other initiatives. At university level, the UNESCO Department for Business Administration is part of the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (FABIZ), ensuring more than 75% of the faculty members that teach in its study programmes. The FABIZ Bachelor and Master programmes are organized in such a manner to ensure a continuous, qualitative learning for all students, as well as to prepare them for the current and future labour market expectations. Curricula integrate both economics and business oriented subjects, as well as communication and information technology disciplines highly encountered in the daily jobs in multinational companies and in public or private organizations.

The mission of the UNESCO Department for Business Administration is three-folded:The mission of the UNESCO Department for Business Administration is three-folded:

1. Education – providing the most relevant and up-to-date programmes in the field of business administration;

2. Research – integrating all members of the department in high- performing research teams and running impactful research projects;

3. Relationship with society – developing mutual beneficial partnerships between the academic community and the economic, social and cultural environment.


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