If you want to develop at a higher level than the one imposed by labor market, you have to do more than being an excellent student. This is the reason why we recommend you to fill your free time during the three years of bachelor studies with volunteering activities, in the case you are not hired. Within our university you will find many students’ organizations. Choose the one that fits you the best and demonstrate what you are capable of. Don’t forget how many new friends you can find in these organizations, friends who could become business partners in the future.


Since we believe in the necessity of volunteering experience, the Bucharest University of Economic Studies supports one of the most important events that takes place at the beginning of the academic year: the Night of Students’ NGOs.

In order to find out more information about these organizations, young people have the opportunity to visit the headquarters of these organizations and to obtain information regarding their projects, and how they can participate in these projects or get involved in their development. This initiative enables students to find out about the opportunities to become members of such an organization, starting from this automn. Through this tour, visitors become aware about the benefits obtained in their personal portfolio by performing volunteering activities, and they can interact with actual members, people who make things happen.


AIESECAIESEC is the largest international organization for young people. It is present in over 126 countries and it offers young people the possibility to acquire knowledge and experience in a unique way, through volunteering internships or professional internships abroad. Through these programs AIESEC aims to mobilize young people to bring a positive impact in the society, becoming in this way leaders and change agents.

AIESEC is the first NGO established in Romania, in 1990. At present, it activates in 14 cities, including Bucharest. From over 1000 international experiences provided by this organization to young people from Romania, AIESEC Bucharest contributes with approximately 200 such experiences

AIESEC Bucharest has over 100 members who engage constantly in the organization’s activities. Through facilitating the access of young people from Bucharest to international experiences, AIESEC members develop various skills that will transform them in future leaders of our society.




‚Asociația Studenților în Contabilitate și Informatică de Gestiune’ – ASCIG (the Students’ Association in Accounting and Informatics) – ASCIG was established in April, 2002 based on the need for creating a link between students and the Accounting Faculty, and it contributed each year to the personal and professional development of students.

With an experience of over 12 years under the care of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, ASCIG manages to surprise through new ideas for the students it represents.

In order for this organization to be the beginning of a successful career, ASCIG initiates projects not only for students of the Accounting Faculty, but also for students from other faculties.




 ASER was established from the desire of several young people from the Faculty of International and Economic Relations. At present, ASER continues to evolve and to invest in people, who wish to change the environment in which they live with passion and high targets, in people who are continuously looking for innovation, and in future successful people.

ASER is an experience that offer more than the necessary resources to develop at personal and professional level. It is a community where all things happen through enthusiasm and professionalism, a community that was created through the courage of its members, and which evolves through their devotion.

Through all that we perform in the present, we wish to bring added value to the Romanian economic environment. In the moment when we will look back, we wish to do it proudly, knowing that we reached even closer to the vision of a world that excells through passions and involvement of successful young people.





Business Organization for Students is an elitist student organization, founding member of JADE Romania, which brings together students with potential, wishing to develop at personal and professional level, responsible for education of any kind and consciounces about the benefic impact of volunteering activities over the society.

BOS is a favorable environment for developing and applying theoretical knowledge, where the focus is on discovering passions and activities where students excel, through their familiarization with the business environment. Here, it is encouraged the initiative, professionalism, team spirit, trust and responsibility, these being also the organization’s values. Besides the new friendships that can be made here and the interactive activities developed in this organization, members have certain facilities when starting their career.

For 14 years BOS manages to outline an encouraging environment, suitable for students’ development.



VIP‚Voluntari pentru Idei și Proiecte’ (Volunteers for Ideas and Projects)  is an organization present in Bucharest and Cluj, which offers to students a favorable context to develop on a wide range of activities with the help of other people who share their passions.

VIP Bucharest consists of four communities: Business Club – for those passionate about entrepreneurship; Econosofia – for those passionate by Macroeconomics; International Affairs – for those passionate about diplomacy and international relations and Leadership Development – the place where you develop your leadership skills, and management knowledge. All these communities develop projects on their specific field of interest, and offer to students access to specialist.




‚Uniunea Studenţilor Academiei de Studii Economice din Bucuresti’ (USASE) (the Union of Students from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies) is a students’ organization that represents common interests of all the students from different programs or degrees, and it involves in their personal and professional development.

Its main objectives are the following:

  1. Participation of students through their representatives, who are heads of the organization, in decisions adopted by the advisory, deliberatives and managerial structures, of the university and of faculties.
  2. identification of problems with which students confront and proposing solutions;
  3. monitoring the observance of students’ rights and promoting aspects related to obligations of the univeristy’s students.
  4. Participation, as partner, in the management of the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, and active involvement in a continuous improvement of the students’ community and of the educational system, including through the participation in the process of ensuring the quality of this system.
  5. Participation in the personal and professional development of the members from the students’ community, to the increase of their integration degree in society, to their ability to find jobs and to their mobility on the labor market.
  6. Involvement in activities related social aspects of the life in students’ community.
  7. Organizing educational, sportive, cultural and leisure activities;
  8. Managing the Economist Students’ Organization (Casa Studenţilor Economişti);
  9. Initiating and consolidating the collaborations between students of this university and students from other universities from Romania or abroad.


The Students’ Senate is the only entity that represents students at the level of university. The Students’ Senate is part of the Students’ Union from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (USASE), together with all the students from faculties’ cousels and volunteer students. The students’ representants are your voice in relation with the secretariat, the faculty’s and university’s management. They are the ones who get involved in a wide range of support activities for you, from fixing the exams’ schedule to representing the students during elections on different normatice acts.


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