UNESCO Departament for Business Administration was created and developed following the signing of an agreement signed in 1995 between UNESCO and the Bucharest University of Economic Studies, entitledFormation et Recherches Appliquées au Développement de l’Entreprise des Pays en Conversion Economique”. Starting with 2011, the department functions according to the present legislation under the following title: UNESCO Department for Business Administration.

At present, the UNESCO Department for Business Administration is formed of 20 professors and it has as main advantage its unicity in the entire University given by the fact that it is the only department coordinating academic programs in foreign languages: english, french and german. With the occasion of a recent evaluation performed by the Ministry for National Education and Scientific Research from Romania of the academic domains, the ‚Business Administration’ domain from the Bucharest University of Economic Studies was ranked on the first place.

Starting with 2009, it was established within the department, the Research Center for Intelectual Capital and Antrepreneurship (you can find more information on the following web address : www.capital-intelectual.ro).

Within the UNESCO Department for Business Administration it was created in 2006 the Management & Marketing Review. Challenges for the Knowledge Society. At present, this review is indexed in over 20 international data bases, and it is published by the international publishing house De Gruyter (www.degruyter.com/view/j/mmcks).

  • Alina Dima
    Alina Dima Univ. prof. PhD


Responsibilities and duties. Department leadership.

Starting with 2012, the department’s activity is ran by Alina Mihaela Dima, Department Director and the department’s counsil which consists of conf. univ. dr. Tatiana Segal and conf. univ. dr. Anca Bogdan.

The department’s director performs the executive management(and the operative leadership of the department), and the Department’s counsil performs the deliberative management

Main responsibilities of the Department’s Director:

  • coordinates the department’s research activity
  • is responsible with the selection, training, periodic evaluation, motivation and promotion of the department’s staff, according to law
  • contributes to the development and impleentation of the curricula
  • Provides periodic evaluation of the department, in order to classify it according to law

Main responsibilities of the Department’s Council.

  • Evaluates the activity of the faculty and the department’s research staff, according to the specific methodology
  • Initiates proposals concerning new degree programs(masters), depending on the specific department and availability
  • Elaborates the anual scientific research plan of the department in accordante with the directions established on a university level(?)
  • Elaborates and adopts the department’s strategy in accordante to the institutional strategy of the Economic Studies Academy of Bucharest.
  • Is interested in promoting the image of the department and in the scientific recognition of the professors.

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