Student Workshops

15, 23 May

15, 23 May 2019

On Tuesday, the 15th of May, 2019, starting 12.00 PM,  Mrs. Adina Valean held a workshop on Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development.

Adina Ioana Vălean is the Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee for Industry, Research and Energy. In her previous term, she served as Chairwoman of the European Parliament’s Committee for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety. From 2014 to 2017, she was Vice-President of the European Parliament, on behalf of the EPP Group, in charge of ICT.

Apart from her work in the Industry, Research and Energy Committee, she is also a Member of the Delegation for Relations with the United States of America and a Substitute Member in the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee. As Chair of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, her work focuses on telecommunications, energy, as well as research and innovation.

In the previous mandate, she was the rapporteur on the Connecting Europe Facility, a financing instrument which aims at funding €33.2 billion worth of investments to improve Europe’s transport, energy and digital networks. She takes an incisive approach towards reassessing public financing, which she thinks should be primarily used for completing the Single Market: by increasing competition and incentivising private investment.

She is a Member of the Romanian National Liberal Party (PNL) and from 2004 to 2006 was a Member of the Romanian Parliament. Vălean’s main focuses, while in the National Parliament, concerned market and labour issues. Prior to that, she acted as the Secretary-General of the National Liberal Party’s youth wing, and Secretary of the National Liberal Party Committee on business, privatisation and competition policy. She joined the National Liberal Party in 1999.

Before becoming a politician, Adina Vălean was a social activist and member of several foundations and associations which promote tolerance, dialogue and a liberal economic market. She has a Master’s degree in European Integration and Security Studies, postgraduate studies in National Security and Defence Management and a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

She started the workshop by explaining the main focus of the 17 sustainable development goals and detailing the 4th one: Quality education. The case studies and activities organized within the workshop were based on education for sustainable lifestyle, gender equality and promotion of global citizenship especially in the European Union.

On Thursday, the 23rd of May, 2019, starting 13.30, a Coca-Cola representative presented as a practical case study the Sustainability report of the company.

In 2016 and 2017, Coca Cola Romania has been recognized as the most responsible company by CSR Index. After presenting the main projects of the report about the sustainability leaders, sustainability approach and impact, community and youth empowerment, environment and water stewardship and ecotourism improvement, the moderators opened a debate about the 2020 sustainability goals. Here we can find some of the debated the Cola Cola Company sustainable goals:

The workshop aimed to raise awareness with respect to different valences of Global Citizenship, more particularly discrimination and inequality. Some of the main results from their sustainability campaigns and projects are:


UNESCO Chair for Business Administration
Director Alina Mihaela Dima, PhD,
The Bucharest University of Economic Studies

 National Commission of Romania for UNESCO (CNR UNESCO)

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