You are close to finalizing the second-year studies and you already feel great and more in control of the knowledge acquired throughout college. One way or another, you are looking forward to proving to yourself and maybe to other people as well that, despite any obstacles, you can shift heaven and earth, that you have the wits about you, dedication and persistence to carry out your initial plans to the very end.

And, indeed, that is the case!

Nevertheless, there is one more step ahead of you, which is pretty challenging, since it takes about…a full year: that is the third year of college, followed by submission and eventually presentation of the graduation thesis. Obviously, this can only be seen as no more and no less than a good evidence to dismantle the good old Romanian saying of „crossing through water like a goose”, on the contrary, you have acquired sound knowledge meant to justify your persona and help you position in life, professionally speaking.

Given its high significance, it is recommended that you treat this with utmost care and sense of responsibility and choose wisely when it comes down to the paper`s main subject. Allowing yourself some moments to make up your mind in this respect does not mean you should overlook the importance of time management and working schedule for a change.

  • The graduation thesis stands for specialization – It is only natural that you hold key information and knowledge from various domains, which, to some extent, anyone would find highly admirable. However, it is advisable not to neglect the power of recommendation attached to the graduation thesis, especially with regards to career options and opportunities. Although, it is said that the mark attributed to the paper does not represent a criterion to the hiring stage, mastering a certain topic is nonetheless a fine way to discover common grounds and discussion openers with your recruiter. In addition, this is a great advantage that you can use in order to draw attention to qualities which any employer seeks in a potential employee: self – awareness, self – motivation and drive, dedication and enthusiasm as a manifestation of justifiable and cleared objectives. In other words, a random choice in graduation thesis subject or a constrained choice due to unavailable or limited lists of topics will most definitely not plead in your favor.

  • A subject to your own liking makes you feel as if all comes together with almost no effort at all – Sometimes, it is pretty difficult to decide what you like best. However, if you were to be perfectly honest with yourself, it is almost unavoidable to discover that topic, which not only arouses your curiosity, but also drives you to speak passionately whenever it may be brought into discussion. You may also find yourself willing to pay some visits to the library to do some research, despite of the wonderful weather that seems precisely right for a stroll in the park.

  • The summer vacation is always way too short – Believe it or not, the same applies to inter-semestrial breaks of the third year, Christmas and Easter vacations alike. Therefore, we can easily say that going on with the subject choice phase ahead of time is a good thing to do. That way, you should at least know where you are heading to with your research and coordinate your efforts in a sustained and appropriate manner.

  • The compatibility factor in teacher to student relationship – Beyond any valuable information and explanations that a coordinating teacher provides you with, his / her attitude and way of carrying out consulting sessions may stand for driving factors for as far as you are concerned, such that everything you do derives from enthusiasm at optimal efficiency.

  • The topic for your graduation thesis should „fit you like a glove” – Although it can be pretty tempting to choose simple topics, which you can handle in a blink of an eye, this may not really work out to your advantage. The role of a graduating thesis is to emphasize the ability of intellectual insight, self – discipline, including the capacity to handle information in a way that it justifies a well – documented written study. Consequently, a paper which is too simplistic shall not deliver you great chances to outline personal assets, whereas a challenging and well – defined research, but not so overpowering, will most definitely allow your knowledge, intellectual capacity and hard work to be see – through and appreciated in the end.

It may be the case for you to be amidst people who work well enough even when being under stress and think that you can manage your time just right despite the pressure, whilst dedicating 100% to the cause. There is also the risk to discover that things may go out of hand all the same. It may eventually occur to you that precisely when you least expect, uncertainty takes lead only to overturn your sense of control and progress.

So, maybe it would be better if you started working on all of these sooner rather than later!

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