Management consultants tackle a wide range of business problems and provide solutions for a variety of companies. Constantly exposed to many of the corporate world’s greatest challenges, consultants engage in a vast range of projects across different industries, and face the intellectual challenge of pushing themselves to the limit as they tackle complex business problems.

This Course aims to dive into the topic of Management Consulting, showcasing the ins and outs of the job and what it’s really like to work in this field. Participants will study real-life examples that illustrate the many tasks and challenges consultants face.

This course is proudly presented by
EY and McKinsey professionals


STARTING DATE: 10.11.2021

LECTURE HOURS: 18.00 – 20.00

LOCATION: aonline


         TARGET STUDENTS: BACHELOR or MASTER (from all faculties/universities)

MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: Access made only with EU Digital COVID Certificate if the classes will be at the “Carol I” Central University Library


this program is taught only by experts from EY and McKinsey & Co.

Mariana Miron, McKinsey

Ovidiu Tisler, McKinsey

Mihai Drăghici, EY

Michele Giove, EY

Raluca Drăgan, McKinsey

Claudiu Gurguta, McKinsey

George Constantin, EY

Course Outline

10 November:  Case study – Continuous improvement measures for a Power&Utilities company (Mihai Drăghici, EY)
11 November Workshop – Economic Impact Assessment (Michele Giove, EY)
17 November Case study – Design thinking workshop on strategic directions for a Power&Utilities company (George Constantin, EY)
24 November Workshop – Introduction to complex problem solving (Mariana Miron and Claudiu Gurguta, McKinsey)
2 December Case study – Practicing your problem solving skills: Education case (Ovidiu Tisler and Raluca Dragan, McKinsey)
9 December Workshop: Presentation skills workshop (McKinsey)

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The Romanian office of McKinsey & Company was founded in 2017. Despite its relatively short history, it has already made a valuable contribution to the Romanian economy and society in general, supporting major companies in the financial, telecommunications, energy, oil and gas, and consumer industries.

Our diverse team of consultants is involved in projects both in Romania and beyond, often drawing on their international experience when advising local players. They work side-by-side with clients to transform their organizations, embed technology in their operations, and build lasting capabilities – making them fit for the future.

The McKinsey & Company Bucharest office is also closely involved in the production of reports on Romania and Central and Eastern Europe, which often attract significant media attention. Major recent publications have covered areas such as the agility of Romanian companies, the banking system, and digital services during the state of emergency.

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The Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Languages (FABIZ) brings together +1,500 enrolled students from over 30 countries worldwide with +100 academics and business professionals involved in high impact teaching and research activity. Additionally, FABIZ is proudly promoting its +5,000 Alumni network.

Over time FABIZ managed to become the center for foreign students within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies. The international focus and perspectives of its core activities ensure strong competitive advantages at national but also European and international level, within a very dynamic and competitive university environment.

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The FABIZ Bachelor and Master programmes are organized in such a manner to ensure a continuous, qualitative learning for all students, as well as to prepare them for the current and future labour market expectations. Curricula integrate both economics and business oriented subjects, as well as communication and information technology disciplines highly encountered in large organizations and start-ups alike.

FABIZ offers besides high-quality teaching and research a wide range of extra-curricular activities, presented in our social media presence (ie. Facebook, LinkedIn).

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone from any Bachelor program from Bucharest University of Economics (ASE), University of Bucharest, Polytechnic University of Bucharest or Political Sciences (SNSPA) that has an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

You will be allocated after specific criteria to a group and you will work together for all classes to “break” the case studies. The case studies will be provided with 5-7 days in advance

An immersive experience in the management consulting world, where you will learn how to find solutions to complex problems and what frameworks to use.

You will have to present together with your group the proposed solution(s) to the given case studies.

A series of case studies from you will learn how to structure an argument, how to solve a complex problem and maybe an invitation to an interview. Also, getting to know people with the same interests as you can be the beginning of a great future collaboration.

Yes, certificates are awarded to those who participate to 80% of the classes.

The organizer is the Faculty of Business Administration (in foreign languages) – FABIZ.

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