The project „Practică inteligent dezvoltarea ta / Practice your development intelligently” – PRIDE-U, POCU / 626/6/13/133138 “, is an INVITATION to development, both for students and companies.

We invite all students who want to GET INVOLVED DIRECTLY and ACTIVELY in the project activities, to join us. The benefits package that the project offers for students includes:

1. guidance and quality counceling, using HOGAN instruments (HPI, HDS, MVPI), internationally certified, with a degree of relevance of over 85%, to which are added the instruments Human Synergistics (GSI) and Great People Inside (GR8Full Spectrum Plus and GR8 Managers). Professionalism and relevance are supported by coaches who will discuss with each student in the target group, what their own personal and professional development (ON-LINE) means.
2. quality internships, carried out in organizations from different fields of activity (can also be done ON-LINE);
3. meetings with specialists from the business environment, through thematic workshops organized within the project and during which students will have the opportunity to better understand the specificity of some areas of activity and / or occupations (ON-LINE);
4. a gamified competition – using the VRunners gamification module, which offers participants the opportunity to learn from practice through case studies, challenges and tasks proposed by business specialists (ON-LINE);
5. an international experience for students from the target group, at local companies or subsidiaries of multinational companies present in Romania, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Hungary. Each student will be able to participate in at least one (or all six trips), depending on the score obtained in the gamified competition.
6. cash prizes, the total value of cash prizes, which will be awarded to students at the end of the project, is 122.500 lei (15 prizes I – 3000 lei / prize, 20 prizes II – 2000 lei / prize, 25 prizes III – 1500 lei / prize)

Those who are interested, can find additional information and can join the target group of the project by accessing or can send the target group documents to:
We are looking forward to welcoming you as part of the project!