Academic performance and scientific prestige are the main drivers of excellence for the members of The UNESCO Chair for Business Administration, the Faculty of Business Administration in Foreign Langages. Their merit in research is demonstrated by the quality of the research results delivered to the business community, by the current curriculum which allows the education of highly qualified personnel as well as by the international recognition of their scientific writings up to the present.

On a global scale, their achievements result in the participation in research partnerships with public and private organisations worldwide and contribute to advancing the science of business & economics.

On a local level, they directly support de local business community and inspire a culture where students are trained to put cutting edge knowledge into practice. FABIZ encourages the students’ involvement in research, as well as provides them with experiential research and learning opportunities, including case studies, business projects and internships, with the ultimate goal of preparing them as leaders in their field of choice.

The team’s focus on digital & social entrepreneurship next to its expertize with regard to incubators and eco- and energy economics determine their members to encourage the students to develop and test revolutionary business and research ideas.
Fresh and experienced researchers alike can publish their results via the Faculty’s high impact channels – the international journal Management & Marketing and the International Conference on Business Excellence.

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