The members of the department manage and are involved in a series of national and international research projects, carried out at faculty, university, national or international level. A selection of projects reported by the chair members in the past years can be consulted here.

We are particularly proud to work together with important international partners like Sapienza University of Rome, Humboldt University Berlin, or the Strassbourg School of Management. To find out more about our international network, please click here.

Find a selection of projects below:

Second open meeting of the Balkan UNESCO Chairs – 2017 on “Education for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability in the Knowledge Economy”.

THE UNESCO CHAIRS MEETING – 2018 on ”Challenges of Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Universities and Education in Europe within SDG-4”.

International Meeting of UNESCO Chairs – 2020 on “Education for Sustainable Development”

International Conference on Business Excellence

Erasmus+ ViSENet

ERASMUS+ Community Learning for Local Change

COST Action CA18236

Global Citizenship Education 

Digital media approaches to prevent violent extremism