If you have come across this page and have clicked to check it out, this can only mean that you either are a FABIZ student or the simple idea of becoming one really appeals to you. Regardless of which one is your case, we are eager to express our delight and gratitude for your trust and consideration. In exchange, we bring forward the promise that all necessary measures shall be taken in order to ensure a loyal match between the quality of our services and level of expectations. We, hereby, present to you some of the many well – intended aspects posing for reliable evidence:

Intercultural socialization

No matter how comfortable you may find yourself within the multicultural environment of our faculty, we strongly believe that a public presentation of more than 30 nationalities, whose presence we so enjoy, can only facilitate adjustment, interaction and communication. Therefore we celebrate it through an event: Intercultural Day. There is a great opportunity not only to indulge in cultural – wise stories and add to your experience by sharing with colleagues of different nationalities, but also to enjoy delicious food specific to various cuisines.

Events organized in collaboration with our partners

Beyond the desirable and almost imposed urge to learn time and time again, our opinion resonates with the idea that a qualitative academic life goes hand in hand with a sound social life. Therefore, alongside our partners, we are thinking through and organizing events on a regular basis, which should provide you with possibility of integration and affirmation, such as: FABIZ Ball, Funky FABIZ etc.

The purpose revolves around a smooth transition to a responsible adulthood ripe enough for many career opportunities to come. Thus, we take you outside the college premises such that, whenever possible, the classical study rooms shall be substituted by a partner`s headquarters. The aim is to have all students associate their college years with a wonderful and useful experience from the very beginning.

Summer schools

You feel you are getting easily bored throughout summer and you struggle to find useful and pleasant ways to making the most out of it? We invite you to join us in a different type of adventure and we guarantee you beautiful friendships. You can decide what to choose between learning a new language at the German Summer School or at the French Summer School with native professors in Moieciu de Sus (Brasov), where you will meet youngsters from or outside our country sharing common interests.

You will have the option to take part in activities and thematic discussion coordinated by specialists in various domains by benefiting from courses and training sessions sustained by professors coming from prestigious universities at our Sumer Business School, organized each year in Mamaia (Constanta).

So, we encourage you to leave second thoughts aside and give a chance to our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm to join the creativity, wits and spontaneity of your youth!

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