.the web campaign 2.0.22

Now you have the chance to awaken the copywriter, web designer, vlogger, marketing coordinator, social media specialist, blogger, media planner, art director, digital marketer or whatever digital creative creature hides inside of you.
Plan and design a web campaign for FABIZ and win up to 2.000 lei.

See HERE the contest rules and prises.

You have one month to come up with the perfect campaign, to get your peers in high-schools to JOIN US @FABIZ .
The projects should be written in English and the elements of content should be English or optional RO / FR / DE, depending on the specifics of the proposed campaign.

The Contest .the web campaign 2.0.22 is part of the student project competition „Digitalizarea în ASE”.

Q&A – Students’ questions regarding the campaign. For further questions please address mihail.busu@fabiz.ase.ro

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